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If you are a student visiting our website, it is our desire to instill in you to at least consider public service as your career choice. While some people feel called to careers solely for the money, others are drawn to careers that also allow them to give back to their communities.  Public service jobs run a wide spectrum, from teachers and nurses to military personnel and politicians, and include several career paths that you might not have considered.  If you choose another career path, it is our hope that you will commit to giving back to your community throughout your adult years by volunteering or by financially supporting those causes within your community that will make it a better place to live for all.

If you are a first time visitor, a donor, potential donor or alumni, we hope this website inspires you to give back in the form of a donation to ensure that current M-E students will have the opportunity to apply for scholarship assistance in order to access further instruction and training that will transform their lives.

Whether you are a student or alumni, we challenge you to follow the path of what has become the M-E Legacy.

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