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HOMECOMING by Artist Rick Kelley

A framed, signed print of HOMECOMING by Artist Rick Kelley was chosen by the M-E Class of 1964 to be a part of the public service display that is within the Maine-Endwell High School Library.  This interactive display is not only a tribute to Charlie Miller for his lifelong public service to his community as well as his country but also serves as recognition and appreciation to all M-E students, future as well as past, who followed the path laid out by Charlie Miller from the very inception of Maine-Endwell High School.  Public service is demonstrated in many ways--through career choice, volunteering within one’s community, serving one’s country, or through philanthropy.  This emphasis on public service and giving back to one’s community in any way one can has become the educational trademark of M-E HS

When asked about HOMECOMING, Mr. Kelley stated the following about his painting:

"It is part of my mission to recognize and honor those who serve, or have served, our country as well as others who have gone beyond the call of duty. This painting was created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the tragedies of 9/11.”

The artist has detailed each of the many camouflaged components that you can review by clicking on the highlighted menu items listed below.  We urge you to look closely at the subtle detail within this picture, and we trust you will agree that HOMECOMING is the epitome of the artistic definition of public service.  


rick kelley

Rick Kelley is a world-renowned artist and his paintings grace the walls of the homes of former Presidents Bush--George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush--as well as former Soviet Union Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, many U.S. Generals, Senators, and Governors.

Of coincidental interest is that the artist, who is passionate about recognizing public service through his work and charitable donations, chose to relocate his studio, Kelley Fine Art, from his home state of Montana to Cape Coral, Florida in 1990--the very place where Charlie Miller was serving as a member of the Cape Coral High School mentoring program, “TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN”.

Mr. Kelley is working with the M-E Half Century Scholarship Committee with the goal of funding in perpetuity the M-E Half Century Scholarship Fund.



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